2nd Annual Anniversary Event!!! WOAH WHAT?!?!??!?!?!

What’s up MineyGrumpers?!

Find all the Dragonballs!

Do you like Dragonball? Have you heard of Dragonball? Do you want any wish granted(within reason)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're going to love this new mini-event!

Craft Elytras!

To craft an elytras, you need 2 oak fences, 2 white wool, 2 ender eyes, and 1 leather

Happy flying~

Resistance Elections, Round 1 - General Leader Elections

Since we've been leaderless for a long time, we've all banded together to take this election into our own hands!

First, we're beginning with the elections for the overall leader of the resistance, the head honcho!

You've got until midnight at the end of Friday PST to sign up. Voting will be held over the weekend.

Sign up by posting a reply to this. Good luck, everyone!


-Lily (TheTrueLilith)
-Joinim (Joinim)
-Poly (Polybius)
-Bill (PuzzoMolto)
-Frost (FrostyFallen)

BREAKING NEWS - Void Containment and Other Oddities (UPDATE: Breakout and Intumbra)

The void has been contained... maybe.

Since the invasion of Agro Outpost earlier, I've been working to seal off the void. I started with just glass, but assuming that wouldn't be enough, created a 'containment ring' based off the structures inside Spawn Island and Sky Mauville out of glass, stone bricks, lava, iron bars, and (on Arc's suggestion) obsidian.

BREAKING NEWS - Vakarr, Agro Outpost, and the Spawn Island

Well, folks, we have big news. Vakarr has returned.

For the last week, a rip has been growing in size above Agro Outpost. Today, the ground below the portal of Agro Outpost became corrupted, and withers and wither skeletons began spewing out of the rift itself.

Me, 40percentsquare, Crimson_M, Zookwo, and a few others made our move to fight back the withers, and in doing so found a book that had dropped from the rift. "A Warning", by Vakarr.

Here are screencaps of the book taken by Square. http://imgur.com/a/VxaqE

Where is everybody?

Back on the server after almost an entire year and plan on being apart of world five.

send nudes

Thank You ;w;

Tyler, you Fabulous, Amazing, Beautiful, Wonderous person. Thank You so much. i can honestly say i didn't believe that anyone would go through so much trouble just to make me feel better. You are an amazing friend, and i will love you forever ❤❤                                                                                                                  Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                               ~Zook :)

Archaeological Discoveries: Updates and a Story

Hello everyone, a thousand apologies for being so delayed in this, but I hope this and upcoming updates will be worth it. I've as of late been on more, and have had time to process the artefacts we found at the Barrow site a few months back. The grave goods have yet to be fully studied, but both appear to be well made like the clothes of the rich. I cannot say more on them as of yet. The items I have studied, however, are the 27 clay tablets we discovered in the ruins of the tower.

Next Community Guild Meeting! 2/17/17

Woo new Meeting on Friday Woo



So yes, Mega makes you wait 5 hours after every 5GB downloaded. And the download is just over 10GB slightly, so it'll take at least 11 hours to download. I'm sorry about this, but I can't do anything about it.

W4 Credits (ONE SPOT LEFT, ASK 40 NOW)


Lilico Inc Trading Cards - Reboot

Trading cards are back!

Collect them, if you want, maybe! Trade 'em with your friends! Stick 'em up your ass! (don't do that)

Will be updated as more are released.

Keep an eye out for rare cards, such as the much-coveted Pearlescent rarity!

Series list so far:
Authentic Joinim Trading Card (Common)
Authentic AHJack Trading Card (Uncommon)

Exclusive cards:
budget price fuckim card
budget price killim card

Monty <3

Two years ago today, we lost a legend. I just wanted to make this post because Minegrumps helped me so much through the event of his passing. It was a few days afterward that I discovered this server and the amazing people on it. Though it may not seem like much, this server made the loss of someone I really looked up to a little bit easier. Monty Oum was a huge inspiration for me and so many other people, so I wanted to post a little tribute to him and also show my appreciation for the awesome people on this server. Love you guys <3. ~Keep Moving Forward~

Dragonball Update: Tenkaichi Budokai!

Greetings, fellow Dragonball afficionados! To begin this update, all of the Dragonballs have been successfully located! Sincerest congratulations to Tyler_T_Higgs who found the Six-Star Ball, and ManlyGreg who found the rest!


i won the bee parkour

im queen bee now

thanks to everyone who beelieved in me



Dragonball Update #1!

Greetings to all of you Dragonball hunters out there! Before we reveal the Dragon Radar readings, a quick update!The Six-Star Dragonball has been found by Tyler_T_Higgs! Congratulations Tyler, you're on your way to getting your wish granted! And now, the Dragon radar reading! While our radar isn't as good as the ones from Capsule Corp, we've managed to get the approximate location of the One-Star Dragonball!Unfortunately, someone spilled their coffee on the radar and the coordinates came out garbled.

Time's Town

World 5/V is approaching quick, and with it, I'm going to bring a town. I'll call it "Land Before Time" and it'll span at least 50,000 blocks. I will request builders to help me found the town, and a committee of officials, as my hope is, with its large size, my town will be more than just 'a town'. I wish for a city, with districts, and main iconic landmarks, capable of things like the Patch Games, or player-defined area, like in serb town.

My first screenshot in Minecraft, two years ago today.


If only I had known how big of an impact this server would make on my life when I took this :>

World 2 Mega Download Thing!

So i have set up a mega, so people can download the map for W2 more easily than torrenting it. https://mega.nz/#!WIJFSSDD!AM53N5E4uJdlhKg7tmv2U_fwY3g_sAOuAUYcF2h_oFw

Check out new spawn! (Link in post)

Spawn has been updated and frankly it is beautiful. Here's a lil flyaround of it.



Community Guild Meeting Plan.

umm, so am planning for the next and first official meeting of the new MG Community Guild, to be on either Friday or Saturday (most likely Saturday though). The meeting will be open to anyone who wants to attend and we will be in a voice chat on the official MG discord but feel free to talk in muted voice and I am sure we will either read it or acknowledge it. If I change any info about the meeting includling ya know actually setting a date I will edit the post later on. Also below I will post a link to the W.I.P.

Found a pair of lost horses

I have a house in Sunset Town. I found a pair of tame horse belonging to Mr_Sheep11 and Tolbin_Zek. I have them in the backyard of my house. If you want them, send me a message and I'll meet you at my house with some leads.

What do YOU guys want when it comes to events?

Hey friends! 

So one thing that I have been trying to focus on lately is what you all as a community wants when it comes to server events.
Since we have the 2 year anniversary event coming up for the Mine Grumps server I want to hear your suggestions and ideas for this event. 
Do you want to have any games? Types of vendors? Builds? Parties? Anything like that. 
Not everything can be granted, it just depends on what we as staff can accomplish or what we are able to do on the server. 

Hardcore MC

Hey friends! 

So I was watching a bit of PBG hardcore mc and had a bit of an idea. 

I figured I would get a group together to play some hardcore minecraft! 

-Once you die you are done
-That is basically it XD

I just need to figure out server details and where we will play but I was thinking of maybe getting a group together once a week or depending on peoples schedules. 

If you are interested just message me on discord! 
Thanks! <3 tod


bye. Sorry. I did a big oop. Bad. Sorry.

The Build is Not Finished

I cannot opean

Laptop problems again

So my laptop still doesn't work properly, Im trying with it but it's not budging. Sorry for not being on guys, I'll try to get back. See ya~


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